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Thrown into a universe, landed on our remarkable blue marble floating in a sea of pitch blackness, we have somehow found consciousness and look up to the most creative star in all of space, the sun. Beste Sonne.


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Elos & Vegas

Elos & Vegas

Moovin' and Groovin' through Space and Sound 'til Infinity.

DJ and Producer Duo based in Schaffhausen (CH). Playing around with electronic music for years, mostly somewhere in the house-techno area but also with excursions into the greater hip hop field. We are 'infamous' for our driving and relentless Tech House DJ Sets, often pinched with some trippy or trancey elements. Same one could very well say about our beats and tracks, which we most of the time proudly release on our 'family-owned' indie Label Beste Sonne. Among other things, you can find us regularly behind the decks at outdoor raves of the Unter Den Sternen collective, in which we are Co-Founding Members.

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Andy F

Andy F

Zurich in my heart, the world on my mind.

Andy F is a true Zurich native: born in 1984 on the tower of the Grossmünster, caught in the blast wave of the Sechseläuten gong and torpedoed straight into the heart of the city to the Schmiede Wiedikon, where he uttered his first significant words "Oh scheiss Wiedikä" at the ripe old age of four, thus establishing the beginning of his songwriting career and Zürischnurre. Convinced of his roots dug deep into the urban foundation, he consistently denies his true rural origins and lets his audience feel this in his dialect songs covered with local patriotism. The fact that there is still more truth in these than is possible in the deep, narrow gorge between Üetli- and Züriberg makes this small stage exuperantius all the more interesting!

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